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SS Vacuum Sealer VS200S Black

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Food Packaging
YS Vacuum Sealer
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China Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer Contract Manufacturer Yeasincere offers SS Vacuum Sealer CMS & OEM ODM services, black color roll storage, built-in cutter.

 1. With roll storage compartment and built-in cutter.
 2. Wide sealing line: 32cm.
 3. Double sealing line.
 4. Separate vacuum mode for dry or moist food.
 5. Pulse button.
 6. Stainless steel housing.
d)Sell point: Stainless steel housing. With roll storage compartment and built-in cutter. Double sealing line. Separate vacuum mode for dry or moist food.

1) Machine size: 390 * 200 * 100mm.                        
2) Dual pump ensures more stable funcitons and faster vacuum speed.                
3) "Pulse" button to control vacuum time and degree.                        
4) Optional motor speed (high / low).                        
5) Separate vacuum mode for dry and moist food.                        
6) With roll compartment and integrated safety cutting facility.                
7) Wide sealing line up to 3mm, prevents air leakage.                        
8) Double sealing and seal only functions available.                        
9) Sealing length: MAX 32cm.                        
10) Vacuum pressure: -0.70 ~ -0.90bar.                        
11) AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 165W.                        
12) Keeps food fresh up to 5X longer; Sous Vide cooking assistant.                
13) Can seal normal bags (no vacuum), such as the packaging bag for potato chips.

Certifications: CE/GS/RoHS/ERP.
Quotation Validity: 30days.
Payment Term: T/T or L/C at sight.
Delivery: 45 ~ 55 days.
Gift Box Size (mm): 435 * 245 * 145. 
Master Pack/Weight (kg): 4pcs/pkg, G.W.: 13.80kg, N.W.: 12.80kg.
Container Load (pcs): 20FT  1572 / 40FT 3270 / 40HQ 4116.

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Personal Home:
Company Name: Yeasincere Food Vacuum Sealer Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Jeasin Huang
Tel: 86-592-3783222
Company Address: NO.58, Fengling Rd2, Chengnan Industrial Zone, Tong'an

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