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wealth-yp  has always been a solemn commitment to protect the use of its interactive products and services to the user's privacy. The following statements aim to disclose the privacy policy related to wealth-yp and try to answer the following questions.
1. What personal information will be collected by wealth-yp? How to use the information? Who have access to such personal information?
2. What are the cookies? How to use them?
3. What options do the uses have when disclosing their personal information?
4. How can the users approach, update or delete his / her information?
5. If the users have problems to the privacy policy, who should they contact to?
We believe that success depends on establishing a good reputation with the users; we will strengthen the implementation of measures to protect the privacy of our users. In addition, we think we have the responsibility to privacy issues on the Internet to set an example and help build the relevant standard. During the registration process, each of these services requires users to provide different types and quantities of personal information. wealth-yp has sought in good faith using such information to provide better services for users This Privacy Policy applies to your interactions with wealth-yp, and your registration and use of the wealth of online services. In addition to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and other published guidelines of the provisions of the circumstances, we will not disclose personally identifiable user information relevant. Please note that from time to time we will check our privacy practices , therefore, the measures will change with it. We urge you to patronize this page regularly to ensure that you will know the latest version of our privacy policy. After reading this policy, if you have further questions about privacy practices, please contact

Use of personal information

Two types of information collected by wealth-yp:

(1) Nothing to do with personally identifiable information:

When the user came to our website, we collect and aggregate such as which pages were visited, the order of visits, links and other information channels. Collect this information to access the records relating to each user's IP address, operating platform, the browser software. Although independent of personal identity information, but we can determine, through its IP address using the Internet ISP and its location. These non-personal identifying information is to help us figuring out the most popular areas of our website and to determine the effectiveness of our promotional activities. In addition, we may disclose such information to our advertisers so that they know the number of clicks on their ads.

(2) Personally identifiable information:

Page in certain areas of wealth, such as registration, the user will be asked to provide real name, phone number, e-mail, and other information.

We collect such personally identifiable information on are mainly for the user to more easily and more satisfied with the use of our website, such personal information will help us achieve this goal.


Through the use of Cookies, we provide users with simple and rich personalized Web experience. Cookies are a small amount of data sent to them from a network server exists on your browser and computer's hard drive. Cookies are used to benefit its users. For example, in order to make your login process more efficient, the user can select the user name and password in the existence of a Cookie. So the next time the service user to log in our website, just click a button on it. Cookies can help us determine which pages and content you connect to spend time on a particular page of your choice and the services.

Cookies also tell us what ads you see on our website. In short, Cookies are placed in the computer or server on your ID card. Cookies can only be set to read their servers, and can not execute any code or virus. Cookies can make better, faster service for you and make your pages more personalized. However, you should be able to control whether and how the Cookies by your browser to accept. Please check your browser's documentation for more information. In short, the wealth will use Cookies as a convenient experience, and its role is to make the user from one service to another without having to prove his identity.

The provision of information
Wealth user can always choose whether to disclose the information. Some information is necessary for the registration of our services, but most of the other information provided is determined by the user. Wealth will depend on the user comfort and to choose as the first.

Wealth-yp provide users with numerous interactive activities in order to facilitate user interaction to participate in interactive activities and get prizes, Wealth-yp usually require applicants to contact information (address and telephone communications), you should also fill out the form according to your personal interests. Wealth-yp used to accumulate such information of its users. If you do not want to provide the requested information and to participate in such activities, it is entirely determined by yourself.


Wealth-yp will have links to many other pages, such as advertising on the page. But we take no responsibility for the conduct of any other site content, privacy policies or operations; Entering into these sites before providing personal information, please refer to their privacy policy.

Updates and public information

Wealth-yp encourages users to update and modify their personal information to make it effective. At any time, users can easily access and modify their personal information. Users can decide to modify, delete their information.
Finally, you are the only information of your account and password duty of confidentiality to the people. Any case, be careful safekeeping.

We may from time to time change our privacy policy. These changes will be reflected in this policy. Any changes will put your satisfaction first. We encourage you to read our privacy policy when you visit Wealth-yp.

About this statement or the privacy practices of Wealth-yp, please contact the site coordinator. Address is


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