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  Terms & Conditions 


Terms and Conditions
The relevant provisions will be subject to change, and apply directly or indirectly among our various services. After you log in, browse, use the site, it shall be deemed to have read and agree to abide by the relevant provisions set out below (including the Privacy Statement).

These pages, web content and structure as well as the pages through the Web site provides are owned by wealth-yp, and all the services are for personal and non-commercial use, and subject to the following related terms.

1, members information filled
    All members (including free members and VIP members, if you do not make a special state, are to all members) in the registration of enterprise information, you must provide true, accurate, current and complete business information; members should make the maintenance and update registration information to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If the information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, wealth-yp has the right to suspend, remove or terminate non-compliant members.

2, recognition and acceptance of the Terms of Service

The services provided by wealth-yp must be strictly enforced in accordance with its Articles of Association, terms of service and operating rules. Users registered in the Register as long as selected the terms of service "I agree" button, it means the user agreement with the wealth-yp and accept all the terms of service.

3 Services

    Wealth-yp mainly offers the following services: business Yellow Pages display release, product release Yellow Pages display, providing enterprise e-commerce and information services. Our goal is to help businesses build a global e-business platform for companies to further expand foreign markets.

4, Changes to the Terms of Service

  Wealth-yp reserves the right to modify the terms of Service at any time. If Terms of service change, Wealth-yp will be prompted to modify the contents. Had not registered users may see the prompt when registering. The users agreed enter the relevant pages to enjoy the full-service of wealth-yp. Members registered by default under normal circumstances are "consent" and may continue its activities into the members area. If you do not agree you can contact with the administrator of Wealth-yp, The administrator will be required to cancel your membership and terminate all service members. When modifying or discontinuing the service ,the administrator will advance by E-mail or other contact information to notify the user, but reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service without the right to notify the user or third party.

5, Member's account, password and security
Once registered, users will receive a password and account. User account and password must bear full responsibility for the security. All users have their accounts in full responsibility for all activities and events. If users find any unauthorized use of your account or breach of security, please change your password immediately and notice us immediately. In addition to this site public statements, other notices on this site, notice you must E-mail or telephone, fax, etc. obtained from us. We will also submit your registration through the E-mail address and transmitted announcement to you. Send this site to all E-mail will be deemed to arrive within two days after the date of issue, unless the defendant of the address is invalid.

6, limited liability

 Wealth-yp will do our best to protect the interests of users, but because of the special nature of the network, for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and following the damage from irresponsible, the damage from: improper use of Web business services, online published false information, online ordering goods or similar services, online trading, illegal use of service or change the user information transmission, and other factors that cause damage. These damages can cause damage to the image of wealth-yp, Yellow Pages, so we put out the possibility of such damage in advance.

Wealth-yp will make every effort to reduce errors, but its free services and information content may still contain errors, while the loss of users is without responsibility. We do not guarantee services and information, regardless of the circumstances under which the user from the use of wealth-yp caused by direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or other damages not liable for all damages, even if the prior was told that there is the possibility of damage as well. If you have dissatisfied with the service, your sole remedy is to stop using these services.

 7, user management

    Individual users bear the responsibility for publishing content. Users enjoy the web services of legal standards should be followed:
    (1) Release of information must comply with Chinese laws and regulations.
    (2) Enjoy the wealth-yp’s service, not for illegal purposes.
    (3) Does not interfere with or confusion network services.
    (4)Comply with all business services using the Web site network protocols, regulations and procedures.

    Wealth-yp is the use of the Internet to provide a variety of business services. Therefore, the user's behavior guidelines are based on Internet-related regulations, policies and procedures developed. Users must promise not to transmit any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene and other information. In addition, users can not transfer any abetting acts constitute a crime data; can not transfer contribute to the adverse domestic conditions and involve national security information; can not transfer any non-compliance with local laws and regulations, national laws and international legal information. Unauthorized and illegal accesses to other computer systems are prohibited. If the user's behavior does not meet the above mentioned terms of service, wealth-yp will make an independent judgments immediately abolish user services account. Users are Liable for the behavior of wealth-yp. If users spread the wealth-yp Pages and dissemination of reactionary, pornographic or other information in violation of state law, our records may be used as evidence of violation of the law.

8. Links

    Wealth-YP contains links to other websites. The links to the websites of wealth-yp has a working relationship, but it does not control these sites and the provision of resources, so the links to  wealth-YP for the content, advertising, services, product information, the true effectiveness of irresponsibility, and due to link to website content, advertising, services, products caused by false information liable for any losses.

9. Fees

    Log in Enterprise basic information service is free, fee-based services as users need. Terms of wealth-yp reserves the right to modify the fees, once the cost of provision is modified, will immediately inform the user. Please note: Using the wealth-yp for the services of hardware and software required to pay, taxes and other fees bear full responsibility. Wealth-yp has the right at any time without notice to change or not to continue to provide some or all of the service (temporary or permanent).

10, Stop the service

    You must strictly abide by the Terms of Service, we reserve the right to fix the terms, reserves the right to discontinue services at any time. When the users violate terms of service, we can immediately give a warning or temporary suspension of its membership. If the following happens, we will cancel your membership and stop providing services to you:
    1, Your violation of the agreement both parties agree;
    2, The information you provided proved false;
    3, Your behavior may violate the law and endanger the interests of the website and customers.

    If you object to any terms of service or modify the terms of the later objection or dissatisfaction with the management and services website, you can choose not to accept the web service, while notice to stop the site provide services to you. End user services, the service provisions of the rights and obligations of the parties immediately suspended.

11,The law requires and arbitration

    Reserves the right to the wealth-YP, users use the services of this website must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations. Services of any of the disputes, the two sides should first consult with each other to solve, if not agreed to arbitration before the Court. Terms of any of the services on this website are consistent with the interpretation of Chinese law, if any provision contrary to law, places the law shall prevail.

    If you are sure all of the above can be fully and unconditionally accepted, select the agreement, otherwise abandoned.



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